Davidson Plum


Davidson Plum:

Davidsonia jerseyana, Davidsonia pruriens, Davidsonia johnsonii,

The Davidson Plum is a rainforest tree species native to Australia. 

The deep dark purple fruits contain a soft juicy pulp with a sharp acidity. The aroma is earthy, reminiscent of fresh beetroot, stewed rhubarb and with only a touch of sweetness. The taste is sour with some astringency or bitterness. Due to this bitterness and low sugar content, the Davidson Plum is often enjoyed in the kitchen made into jams, desserts and sauces balancing the sweet and sour nature.

In our PLM beverage we found blending Davidson Plum with other native Australian fruits and herbs such as Riberry and Strawberry Gum balances out the profile with sweetness and aromatics adding complexity yet dryness on the palate.  The Davidson Plum is the backbone to this flavour.

There are three species of Davidson Plum:

Davidsonia jerseyana is endemic to the Northern Rivers region of NSW and grows naturally from the Tweed to the Brunswick River catchment.

Davidsonia pruriens natural habitat is in North-East Queensland

Davidsonia. johnsonii is endemic to lowland rainforests in north-east New South Wales.

All species have edible fruit and are highly regarded as gourmet bushfood.

From a health perspective the Davidson Plum is a true Aussie superfood.  The fruit are rich in antioxidants with many anthocyanins present (the beneficial plant pigments that give the fruit their deep red, purple or blue hues – also linked to numerous health benefits) as well as potassium, a dairy free source of calcium, lutein (which is important for eye health), vitamin E and Zinc which is beneficial for glowing, healthy skin.

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