Santalum acuminatum

 Quandong (aka Wild Peach, Desert Peach or Native Peach is a small desert tree which grows up to 4-5 metres high, with rough dark bark and long, narrow olive green coloured leaves. The glossy bright scarlet red fruit is about 2cm in diameter and contains a large nut or kernel, which is sometimes only a little smaller than the fruit itself.  Quandong’s will flower from later summer into the early autumn months. Harvest usually occurs during spring.   


Found growing in arid and semi-arid regions of most states of Australia. The Quandong trees are closely related to the Sandalwood trees.  The species is parasitic, which means that it attaches itself to a host plant to grow where it can get water and nutrients.


With a long history as food and medicine for Indigenous Australians the Quandong features heavily in Aboriginal mythology across the desert regions of Australia.

The fruit has a tartness on the front palate and subtle, earthy, sweet peach and citrus characters.

Containing wonderful health benefits, the Quandong is a great source of phenolic-based antioxidants, it has vitamin E, folate, zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron at levels higher than the blueberry, (which is often considered the benchmark).  The fruit also contains twice the vitamin C of an orange!


Quandong fruit can be eaten fresh, dehydrated or as a dried and ground powder.  The flavour works well in jams, chutneys, sauces and relish and can be enjoyed alongside both savoury and sweet dishes. Add to baking, sorbets, curries and marinades.


Aside from being an ingredient in our RNG –Orange and Quandong Sparkling, we love to use ground Quandong fruit as a sugar rim when making alcohol free ETCH cocktails to add extra flavour and nutrition. Yum!


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Orange and native Australian Quandong