Syzygium luehmanni or commonly,  Riberry, Small-leaved Lilly Pilly, Clove Lilli Pilli.

The Riberry is a hardy medium to large ornamental tree that has origins in the sub-tropical rainforest on the east coast of NSW and Southern Queensland.


For many thousands of years, Aboriginal people in Australia have enjoyed them as a core food and medicinal source.  Being rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals (A,C,E and folate) they help to fight against colds and keep the immune system healthy and strong.


Riberres have been rapidly gaining popularity in the gourmet food scene.  They can be picked and enjoyed straight off the tree and have a refreshing tart and sweet cranberry like flavour, with hints of herbs such as cloves, musk and cinnamon.  The berries are also delicious made into sauces, chutneys and jams and pair well with game meats such as kangaroo.  We think they taste pretty great in a drink too! ETCH Sparkling PLM features Davidson Plum, Riberry & Strawberry Gum as core ingredients.

Our homes edible front garden hedge 

A favourite for the urban gardener as a hedge, shading and screening plant and is fast growing with dense small leaf foliage and attractive cream flowers and of course the edible fruits (which is also popular with the birdlife).  They fruit and flower across the Spring and Summer seasons.  The Riberry Lilly Pilly is a superb tree to add to your native edible garden.


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