Top FIVE tips to help you THRIVE through a sober month

two women smiling and enjoying alcohol-free drinks
 Taking a month off alcohol gaining is in popularity and it’s never been a better time to go sans booze! With so many delicious non-alcoholic options and with these tools in your kit, you will be set to go. Whether you are participating in a dry month such as Dry January, Feb Fast, Dry July, Sober October or just want to change your relationship with alcohol, these are our top 5 tips to support you.
You may surprise yourself at how good you feel and decide to stretch it out a little longer.
Keep the ritual If you know 5pm is a trigger time for you to normally enjoy a tipple, then plan ahead and get your alcohol-free sip poured over ice ready to go. Add some fresh fruit and herbs for garnish and you will find the craving may just pass. Check out our alcohol-free cocktails page for some extra inspiration!
 Turn your FOMO into JOMO 
If you find yourself thinking about what you might miss out on by not drinking alcohol, try switching perspective to what you will gain. Like how fab you will feel the next day, or how you can drive home afterwards. This can be super empowering and a good way to get the neural pathways changing course.
Journal it out
Tune into your thoughts and write it down. Get curious as to your thought patterns around WHY you feel like an alcoholic drink. Acknowledge those feelings and accept them, without the need for escaping from them.
Build a support crew Find an online or in person community. Tell your friends that you are taking some time off, ask for their encouragement and support from them. If telling people close to you doesn’t feel right for you, connect with the incredible sober community online. Follow inspiring instagram accounts or sobriety pages. Find a community that will be your cheerleaders. (If you don’t know where to start, reach out to us by DM, we love nothing more than cheering you on and helping you find the right supports.)
Get busy – learn to crochet, go for a run, book a yoga class at the time you’d normally crave a drink. Plan ahead when you know your triggers are coming. A big one for many is often Friday night….make sure you have a plan of action in place. Get out of your comfort zone and do something different. Try a pottery class, or turn up the music and get grooving. You may be surprised to learn the craving is only temporary and will pass.