Taking a Month (or more) off drinking alcohol?

Taking a Month (or more) off drinking alcohol?

Here at ETCH, we are all about encouraging healthier drinking every day, however taking a month off is a great way to test the water (so to speak) or to check in on your relationship with alcohol.

We are here to support you along the way by providing delicious options for social inclusion.  

 Here’s our top 5 tips to help set you up for success

  1. Reflect On Your Triggers

Spend some time working on what prompts your urge to drink. Is it a particular time of the day, situation, emotion, or person? By becoming aware of these triggers, you can develop healthier coping strategies that don't involve alcohol.

If you know 5pm is a trigger time for you, then plan ahead and get your alcohol-free drink ready to go. Add a fresh garnish and you will find the craving may just pass. You can download our alcohol-free cocktails page for inspiration here.

  1. Research the Health Effects of Alcohol

Most of us know that like all drugs, alcohol can negatively affect your health in a number of ways, particularly if you drink regularly or binge drinking. We now know that even drinking moderately can negatively impact your mental and physical health.

Do your research so that you can feel comfortable with assessing the best way forward for your own health journey.

  1. What’s your ‘Why’

If you’d like to create a positive change in your relationship with alcohol, it’s important to understand the reasons you drink in the first place. What is alcohol actually doing for you? How is it helping you? What are the root causes that drive you to drink? What are you using alcohol to escape from? Are there parts of yourself or your life are you hoping to avoid by drinking?

Think about how alcohol affects various aspects of your life. Does it impact your physical health, mental well-being, your relationships with your children or partner, or perhaps your work performance? Reflecting on these areas can help you identify any negative consequences you might have been overlooking.

  1. Get an accountability buddy 

It can be tough to change your drinking habits on your own, so find a support person either a friend IRL or an online support crew. The sober community is a very warm and welcoming space so follow account that inspire you and ruthlessly unfollow any that don’t.

If you need further help, seek support from a GP, psychologist, coach &/or peer support groups who can provide valuable guidance and encouragement. Know that you are not alone on this journey, and there are many resources available to help you navigate your relationship with alcohol.

  1. Switch your mindset

The key to enjoying time off drinking (whether it’s for a month or longer) is to reframe your thinking and switch your mindset from a place of deprivation to a place of abundance. Think of all of the positives; the money you are saving, all of the extra time you get.  Have fun and enjoy the experience. You are giving up one thing but you are gaining so much more!

Bonus Tip: If you want to change your relationship with alcohol for the long term we recommend you fill your ears with inspiring podcasts and your eyes with inspirational books on living a sober life (quit-lit).  Follow sober curious social media accounts and download an accountability app (we love Mind the Sip).

Books we love - Beyond Booze by Sarah Rusbatch and This Naked Mind by Annie Grace) 

We have a Spotify playlist featuring all of the episodes we have been guests on. You can listen here.

Taking a month off drinking alcohol is a great step towards a healthier lifestyle and a healthier relationship with yourself.

Cheers to making positive changes and choosing health every time with ETCH Sparkling!

Andy & Jason

PS. Our Healthy Habit's Pack is a great way to stock the fridge and help set yourself up for success