Host with the most

Host with the most



7 essential tips for hosting friends and family at your place.



  1. Set the mood

Make sure to consider your music for the event as it will really set the tone of the party. The right background music can make things feel fun and festive. It’s always a great idea to prepare a playlist before your guests arrive. Also be sure to consider your lighting. Both light and colour is proven to have a major affect on our moods (Hot tip: Candles are also great for setting a great atmosphere at a dinner party).


  1. Style

Pick a theme for the evening and decorate accordingly. This is a great chance to show off your creativity. Think of what crockery, cutlery and glassware you will use. As well as other details like your tablecloth, napkins etc. (Hot tip: Want to feel fancy? Add some nice glassware, candles and flowers to your table)


  1. Plan the menu

Plan what food you’re going to create well in advance. Consider offering an entree or picky foods before the main meal. We love a fancy cheese board. Make sure you’re aware of any dietary preferences. Be prepared and considerate of each of your guests.

  1. Cook ahead of time

Where you can prepare any food ahead of time so you have it ready to go by the time your guests arrive. By preparing your food early you allow yourself plenty of time to catch up with your guests without feeling the pressure of getting the food on the table.


  1. Organise plenty of drinks

Make sure to have a varied selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks for your guests. Think about what you would like as well as what the group might enjoy. ETCH is perfect for people who feel they would like a non alcoholic beverage, but still feel as if they are drinking something special. (Hot tip : Serve your ETCH Sparkling in a cocktail or champagne glass for a fancy feel).


  1. Start up the conversation

Strike up conversations with your guests, try to find topics that are relatable for everyone and encourage people to participate in the chat. Find ways to include others, ask questions and encourage them to open up to the group.


  1. Relax and HAVE FUN

Sometimes hosting others can be a little stressful although by preparing and planning out your event in advance you will be able to feel a lot more relaxed and enjoy yourself throughout the day/evening.

Remember, nothing brings people together like a good HOST.