Embracing a Calm and Peaceful Christmas

Embracing a Calm and Peaceful Christmas


While the festive season is often filled with parties, socialising, lots of clinking glasses and fun, it can also be a time of overwhelm with too much on our “to do” lists. What if this year, we redefine the essence of the perfect Christmas? Here are our top tips to embracing tranquillity and heartfelt moments over the rush of perfectionism and alcohol-fuelled gatherings?

  1. Letting Go of Perfectionism

The pursuit of a flawless holiday season can create unnecessary stress. This year, let’s liberate ourselves from the pressure of perfection. Instead of striving for flawless decorations or extravagant feasts, focus on the joyous imperfections that make this time unique. Embrace the beauty in homemade crafts, laughter-filled baking sessions, or even a slightly lopsided tree ( I know, I know….this is a challenge for me too!).  Imperfections often hold the most cherished memories.

Christmas tree and ETCH Sparkling for santa


  1. Creating New Rituals, Alcohol-Free

Rituals bind us together, creating a sense of belonging and comfort. While alcohol often plays a central role at this time of the year, why not explore new traditions that don’t revolve around alcohol? These would vary depending on your situation or stage of life, but for us we have enjoyed creating rituals around decorating the tree (we invite family over to add a decoration to our Christmas tree). You could have a Christmas bake off, build a gingerbread house, have a Christmas movie marathon….the list is endless! These activities foster connection without the need for alcohol and pave the way for meaningful moments.

  1. Focusing on What Makes Christmas Special for You

Each of us holds unique sentiments about the Christmas season. Take a moment to reflect on what truly brings joy during Christmas. It could be the warmth of spending time with family, the joy of giving, or the serenity found in quiet moments of reflection. Embrace what resonates with you and prioritise those elements this season.

  1. Slow Down

Amidst the hustle and bustle, intentionally slow down the pace. Savour the little joys—pour your favourite ETCH into a nice glass and watch the bubbles, read a good book in the garden, or take a stroll under the twinkling stars. Embrace mindfulness practices like meditation or gentle yoga to centre yourself and relish the present moment. It’s in these tranquil moments that the true essence of Christmas often reveals itself.

    5. Celebrate with Alcohol-Free Elegance

At ETCH, we believe there is so much joy in celebrating with with less (or no) alcohol. Our range of sophisticated alcohol-free drinks offers the perfect accompaniment to your celebrations. Enjoying ETCH straight from the can or bottle, pouring into beautiful glassware or mixing up a delicious mocktails to elevate your gatherings with the elegance of our sugar free beverages.

Cheers to a serene and blissful Christmas season filled with the magic of togetherness!

 Let’s make this Christmas one to remember!

Andy & Jason

Pouring ETCH Sparkling into beautiful glassware