5 ideas to celebrate Mum this Mother’s Day on a budget

FIVE ideas to celebrate Mum this mothers day on a budget

With the increasing costs of living, we wanted to offer up some ideas to celebrate our precious Mumma’s and Mother figures in our lives this Mother’s Day that won’t break the bank, but will make sure Mum knows just how special she is to you.  As a Mum myself, I know the most precious gift you can give is quality time together, so this is a list of 5 ideas that will create lifelong memories for you and your Mum or special caregiver.


It doesn’t matter if your Mum is an avid artist or novice, this is a wonderful activity you can do with your Mum (or young children if you are the Mum). If the weather is right, head out into your backyard and paint a landscape together.  If the weather is no good where you are for outside painting you could sit by a window and paint what you see outside or choose a special object to paint inside.


Pack a picnic, take a drive (or have it in the backyard) and get out into nature together to connect.  To keep things easy, you could pack all of Mums favourite ingredients for an amazing grazing board. Don’t forget to include some special drinks! You can pack some fancy glassware (well wrapped to protect them from breakages) or enjoy your drinks straight from the can/bottle.

mothers day picnic


Whether Mum is a green thumb or not, this is a fun activity that you can do together that can easily be enjoyed without much cost at all.  Check out the local Op shops and find some old pots to repurpose or choose a special place to plant a tree and watch it grow.  We love the idea of planting Australian native plants local to your area, or perhaps a native edible so you can enjoy the fruits/leaves for years to come.  Check your local native plant nursery to find out what would be suitable in your area


What are the songs that remind you of your Mum?  For me, I remember waking up to my Mum singing Barbara Streisand when I was a teenager.  At the time I remember being annoyed by how chirpy she was in the morning when all I wanted to do was sleep, but now it’s a beautiful memory! Create Mum a Spotify playlist of her favourite songs…or songs that remind you of her, create a fun name for the list and send her the link. 


Have a Spa day at home.  This past school holidays, my teenage daughter decided to give me a facial.  She recreated the whole experience with candles, mediation music, comfy pillows and fluffy blankets….it was DIVINE and I have to say on par with any with any paid experience I’ve had so far.   She used all of my current products so there was no cost involved…and even gave me a cup of Lemon Myrtle tea to sip on when the experience was finished. BLISS!


What will you do to create memories for your precious Mum or caregiver this Mother’s Day?


*We want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can be a really difficult day for some people for many reasons.  If this is you, we want you to know that our hearts go out to you.