Are alcohol free drinks healthy?

Are alcohol free drinks healthy?

ETCH = Every Time Choose Health

Non-alcoholic or alcohol free beverages are helping to change the norm and provide inclusion for all in social and dining occasions. Social inclusion is important, we all want to feel  included, but it can be challenging for those looking to moderate or cut out alcohol in our Australian drinking culture when socialising often revolves around having an alcoholic drink in your hand

The huge growth in non alcoholic beverages is being driven by the health conscious consumer demand as people are becoming aware that a great social experience can actually be heightened by enjoying a delicious adult, alcohol free beverages.  

Making the choice to switch your beverage to an alcohol free option for a period of time or to assist you with moderating or cutting out alcohol consumption is a great idea to help with your health goals too.  

Here’s 7 reasons why alcohol free drinks are good for you.

  1.     Mental health: You can fully participate in the moment. Be present and genuinely engaged.  Embracing alcohol free drinking has been shown to generate positive feelings such as a sense of self-determination, building self-esteem, and feeling comfortable with your social identity.
  2.     You wake up fresh. Is 2 – 4 hours of a binge really worth the 24 hours of discomfort that may follow? Hello Sunday morning!
  3.     Biological health: It is well documented that drinking less alcohol can help lower your risk of diseases. Alcohol increases risk of diabetes and weight gain, plus cancers such as stomach cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, oesophageal cancer and liver cancer.
  4.   Drinking less alcohol has been linked with a healthier heart and healthier blood vessels. Drinking above the guidelines can lead to on-going increased heart rate, high blood pressure, weakened heart muscle and irregular heartbeat.
  5.   Excessive alcohol consumption over a lengthy time period can lead to brain damage, and may increase your risk of developing dementia.
  6.   When you drink less alcohol, it allows you to be more productive at work or studies, and it can help improve your memory. Decision making skills and communications skills are enhanced / maintained rather than subdued and altered
  7. You will sleep more deeply.  Alcohol can aid in getting you off to sleep but it’s definitely not the answer to a solid night’s sleep. In fact, drinking alcohol can greatly reduce the quality of your sleep.

ETCH sparkling beverages provide a healthy and delicious option for all to enjoy. 


So what are non alcoholic drinks? And what is the difference between a non alcoholic drink and an alcohol free drink?

A non-alcoholic drink is generally defined as containing less than 0.5% abv while an alcohol free beverage should be free of all traces of alcohol.  

ETCH Sparkling beverages do not contain alcohol at all and use no alcohol in the distilling or any part of the creation of the range so are considered safe for all to enjoy, including during pregnancy, for people with diabetes or for those going through medical treatment. 

Other than being alcohol free, the full range of ETCH Sparkling beverages contain no preservatives and no refined or artificial sugars.  If you’d like to read more about our position on sugar you can read the Journal post we wrote about it here 

Alcohol free and non alcoholic drinks can be a game changer for many who are looking for options.  While it’s exciting that there is a huge rise in alcohol free beers, wines and spirits, ETCH’s position is different as it does not replicate alcohol.  ETCH Sparkling is perfect for those prioritising their health and wanting to steer clear of sugary soft drinks, for those who are looking for delicious, but delicate, sophisticated flavours and for those who enjoy a more mindful approach to drinking.

ETCH is a drink you can truly feel good about.  ETCH = Every Time Choose Health, we say cheers to that!


Lets talk about sugar

Lets talk about sugar


One of the most common questions we get asked at Farmers Markets is about our sugar content. 


When creating ETCH, the health properties of the drinks were of high importance to us.  Knowing that many “Sugar Free” drinks brands in the marketplace use artificial sweeteners to make them more palatable, it was a key challenge to create drinks with only natural sugars.


So what role does sugar play in beverage making?  

From a food science and technology perspective, sugar (sucrose) plays functional roles in beverage production. Taste, colour, flavour, texture, fermentation, and preservation all are enhanced or facilitated by using sugar. 

At a consumption level it can also be the ‘pick me up’ and the ‘moreish’ element of a drink.


Why is there such a fuss about reducing sugar in drinks?


As with many things in life, it’s around moderation. The quantum of consumption as a society is the challenge. That’s why In June 2018, the Australian Beverages Council announced a pledge to the Federal Government that will see the non-alcoholic beverage industry commit to a 20 per cent reduction in sugar across the industry’s portfolio by 2025. 


It’s widely published that sugar needs to be managed as part of a healthy diet. In Australia that management is a reduction in quantity. Excess sugar is a driver of many health issues in our community and has a significant management cost.


Do ETCH Sparkling beverages contain sugar?

ZST – Fingerlime, Lemon Myrtle & Rosemary

PLM – Davidson Plum, Riberry & Strawberry Gum

APL – Bush Apple & Kakadu Plum

RNG – Orange & Quandong

MTN – Mountain Pepperberry & Raspberry

These ETCH drinks are completely free of sugar and achieve their flavour profile by the fruit and herbal  extracts and a small amount of monk fruit extract which is a natural sweetener extracted from the monk fruit.

HNY – Local Flora Mornington Peninsula Honey & Rosewater

Our HNY contains 2.4g (per 100ml) of natural sugar in the form of raw honey.  The bees that create this beautiful honey pollinate trees and flowers from the pristine Mornington Peninsula region and the honey adds beautiful complexity.


We are really proud of this aspect of our range of drinks and feel that they contain aroma and mouthfeel richness from the natural ingredients and do not rely on artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or sweeteners, allowing us to stand true to our name: ETCH = Every Time Choose Health.



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