Mindful in May

Mindful in May

Mindful in May


In our busy world it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and rushing around.  This month we want to share with you our top tips on being more mindful around drinking.


Practicing mindfulness can offer the benefits of reduced stress, increased immune function, lower levels of anxiety and a feeling of being connected amongst other health benefits.⁠


In simple terms the practice of mindfulness is to be fully aware of the present moment. So how can we drink more mindfully? ⁠


If you are cutting back or cutting out alcohol for the month of May here are our top 3 tips:


  • If you feel tempted to drink alcohol, take some time to think about your why. Play the tape forward and decide if you’re going to look back on this drink with joy. If not, don’t go there.



  • Don’t skip the ritual. Make sure you continue the ritual of enjoying a special drink, just make it alcohol free.  Pour your drink into a nice glass and add a special garnish such as a slice of dehydrated or fresh citrus or some fresh herbs.


  • Just because you have made the choice to cut back or cut out alcohol, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Feel the JOMO (joy of ‘missing out’) by stocking the fridge with delicious, healthy alcohol free options.


ETCH = Every Time Choose Health



Why Alcohol Free Drinks?

Why Alcohol Free Drinks?

Why did we decide to make Alcohol Free drinks?

We’d like to share some of the logic and rationale as to why we chose to make alcohol free drinks at ETCH Sparkling.

ETCH Sparkling Co founders Jason & Andy Quin

It might interest you to know that in a survey* conducted in 2018/19 -21% of adult Australians had not consumed alcohol in the past 12 months.  It certainly surprised us!


Coming from a background in the wine industry and with family and friends who are regular consumers, we didn’t know anyone who didn’t enjoy a glass or two on a frequent occasion. So in 2018 when our brand idea had sparked, we began looking around for quality adult sophisticated beverage options and while there were some wonderful brands and products forging ahead in the market we noticed they were limited.


It seems that the recent health and wellbeing trend and the pandemic, has given rise to the number of alcohol free beverage options available and that many more are now gaining some critical mass. This is a wonderful thing, providing options for Australian consumers.  More brands equal more competition, increasing quality, targeting different segments and ultimately providing a better outcome for the consumer.

ETCH Sparkling is perfect for those looking for an adult beverage option

So it got us thinking, according to the above-mentioned survey 21%, or 1 in 5 adult Australians are not regularly consuming alcohol. Does the average restaurant menu have 21% dedicated to quality beverage options that are alcohol free to match your meal? Does your local retailer supplying adult drinks dedicate 21% shelf and fridge space to alcohol free beverages? In our research we have found the answer to be no.  Not yet.


Since that survey was released we have observed many foreword thinkers realising the opportunity with great success and proving thought leadership across various sections. There has been huge growth and we want to acknowledge those who have answered this call.  While fine dining restaurants have led the way by offering alcohol-free beverage pairing’s, it’s exciting to see so many in the restaurant and retail world following their lead.


Why do people drink non alcoholic drinks?

There are a myriad of reasons that people are choosing to drink alcohol free options.  For many it’s health reasons. Mental health and or physical health.  Some are realising alcohol doesn’t give them the same sense of enjoyment that it used to, other reasons could be not wanting to mix medication or drink while pregnant or simply wanting to live a more present active life. The reasons are varied and many. The encouraging sign of social conscience change is that the conversations are happening.  The breadth of brands, products and availability is increasing. These solutions answering the call for more adult positioned alcohol free beverages options.


For those choosing to moderate or live a sober lifestyle, having delicious beverage options that taste great and offer a sense of social inclusion can be game changing.


While at ETCH we consider ourselves an adult, alcohol free option, it is also an important to note that we are not trying to mimic an alcohol style.  We truly believe that a drink does not have to smell or taste like alcohol to be enjoyable.


At ETCH, we are so excited to see the growth and change that is rapidly occurring in the current Alcohol Free marketplace and are grateful to be a part of the social conscience movement.





*National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019. https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/illicit-use-of-drugs/national-drug-strategy-household-survey-2019/contents/summary




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