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(Santalum acuminatum)

Quandongs (also called desert or wild peaches) are found in the semi arid zones of Southern Australia from arid desert regions to coastal areas. They are a bright colourful red fruit with a large ornamental inner seed. The outside husks are eaten although the seed was also traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Indigenous people. The fruity husks were dried and eaten as a plant source of protein when meat protein was scarce. They have an earthy dry lentil aroma, are nutritious and tasty with a tart tangy finish.

  • Us as 'sugar' rim to dress up glassware
  • Sprinkle dried Quandong powder into breakfast bowls, healthy desserts, juices, smoothies and any other sweet or savoury culinary creation you make.

Health Benefits

NATIF Quandong powder can be added to sweet and savoury dishes as part of a healthy balanced wholefood diet and lifestyle. Quandongs have outstanding anti-oxidant capacity. Contain phenolic-based antioxidants. Contain high levels of folate and vitamin E They also contain calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.


20g air-dried Quandong powder.
Best stored zip locked in the fridge

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